The Most Advanced German Adjustable Beds + Sofas, European Bed Frames and German Mattress Technology.

Axel Bloom offers the Widest choice of German electric adjustable bed + sofa technology systems and European beds. We have the most advanced European Mattresses with sophisticated air-hole designs for superior back and shoulder support and designed to contour optimally with our electric adjustable slat bed bases. Our products provide the most Hygienic and Breathable Sleep Environment: all mattress covers are removable, machine washable and dryable. Micro-weave, breathable mattress covers use plush natural fiber from the Eucalyptus tree (Tencel TM) and Cotton.

Engineered like an Airbus Jet plane with advanced German sleep technology

Our slat adjustable beds are constructed of sleek, advanced slat and pod technology using patented ergonomic technology by the German Ergonomic Institute of Munich. The adjustable bed bases articulate at the neck, back, torso and the knees using four to six German motors. Our adjustable beds help relieve neck pain, back pain, hip pain and leg pain, promote circulation, and help with GERD and acid reflux. We have twelve manual adjustable beds and electrical adjustable models.

European Bed Frames made with German Fit and Finish

There are Twenty Modern European Bed Frame Designs in wood and fabric upholstery. They are made individually with precision in an advanced factory with computer-controlled machines and hand-assembled for superior fit and finish. Available in American, European and Custom sizes. Made with Care and Quality in Austria for 55 years.

European Adjustable Sofas designed for All-In-One Use

Axel Bloom's European Sofa Beds are designed to function as the ultimate multi-function sofa. You can comfortably lounge, watch TV, sleep and read books in the family room with our range of ALLES ein (All-in-One) SOFAS. The European Sofas use our German bed adjustable suspension systems to provide the best combination of comfort, body support and elevations for the most flexible sofa bed.

Adjustable Sofas

Austroflex SofaBed

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